Aida Necklace - Vegan Suede
Aida Necklace - Vegan Suede

Aida Necklace - Vegan Suede

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The Aida Necklace is made to suit pretty much any look! Its design features a single strap around the neck connecting to an O-ring sitting right in the middle. From a day out with your friends to a sexy nighttime look, the Aida Necklace will be the perfect complement for all occasions.

  • Made with 100% rustproof metal

 Size Chart 

S fits 30-34 cm

M fits 34-38 cm

L fits 38-42 cm

XL fits 42-46 cm 

2XL fits 46-48 cm 

3XL fits 48-50 cm 


We use high-grade materials that are gentle and soft on the skin, making them comfortable to wear for all occasions. All metal parts are made using rust-proof metals for long lasting, durable wear. 

Please bear in mind that the photo may differ slightly from the actual item in terms of color due to studio lighting or your screen display.