About LASH

 LASH Fetish Gear makes one-of-a-kind collars, harnesses, bracelets, and other accessories. I use the highest quality leather, metal chains, vegan suede, and vegan leather to craft my unique designs.  

Each piece is handmade to order for customers around the world. My designs adapt to all body shapes and sizes as I make each piece according to your measurements. 

Lash is a one-woman operation, producing in my studio in Berlin. I pay special attention to tailoring and comfort by constantly getting feedback about our products from my loyal clients.

LASH Fetish Gear embraces durability and longevity over fast fashion. Thus, my designs are as timeless and versatile as they can be, so you can rock them with any and all outfits for years to come.

I hope you feel empowered, confident, and seductive with my designs!